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Revolutionising Fleet Fuelling -Let Fuelmii Come to You

Ever feel like the whole process of sending vehicles to the petrol station is just a bit… well, counterintuitive? Wasting fuel to get fuel just doesn’t make sense. Fuelmii is here to flip the script and bring the fuel straight to your vehicles, saving not just fuel but also your precious time, driver wages and emissions.

Picture this: Your fleet of vehicles making individual pit stops at the petrol station, waiting in queues, wasting time on non-value-adding activities. It’s like a choreographed dance routine, only this one burns fuel, time, and money. But does it really have to be this way?

Road transport emissions have alarmingly risen by approximately 21% since 1990, and according to DESNZ, heavy goods vehicles are shouldering a hefty portion of the UK’s carbon emissions. With a projected 40% increase in truck activity by 2050, the urgency to reduce GHG emissions in your fleet is crucial for a sustainable future. The constant back-and-forth to petrol stations isn’t just a drain on your wallet; it’s also contributing to environmental concerns.

Fuelmii offers a straightforward solution:

Mobile Fuelling

Think of Fuelmii as a petrol station on wheels, reducing operational inefficiencies and emissions. Better for your business and better for our world.

Founded in August 2018, Fuelmii has a proven track record of successfully helping businesses cut down emissions, decreasing operational inefficiencies and costs significantly by eliminating the unnecessary routing to and from the petrol stations.

In 2022 alone, Fuelmii has saved customers:

  • 70,000+ hours
  • 2.62m kg CO2
  • £1m+ on fuel card fraud, and increased productivity by 11% on average.

We have never been happier since working with Fuelmii. As one of the largest airline catering providers at Heathrow Airport we have saved significant time and money by using their mobile fuelling service. Fuelmii delivers a first-rate service that I would highly recommend to any fleet operator.

Richard Clague, Head of Transport – DO&CO

How does Fuelmii’s fuel delivery service benefit you?

Convenient: Forget the time-consuming trips to the petrol station. With Fuelmii, your fleet is fuelled up at the place and time you need it, saving precious hours for more important tasks.

Cost Saving: Save hours in employee wages and running costs to help increase your revenue per vehicle.

Controlled: Keep track of all your transactions, and access reports through our fuel management portal in real time. This gives you a full transparency of your fuel spend while saving you significant amount of admin work and time.

Clean: Help reduce your CO2 emissions by fuelling your entire fleet at once. You can go greener by switching to our alternative fuel, HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil).

Easy Energy Transition: Transition to greener fuels without investing in infrastructure. Our HVO fuel is a drop-in replacement to traditional fuels which helps you cut down emissions by 94% without the need to modify your engines. Switch from diesel to HVO to start saving emissions straight away.

Secure: Fuelmii completely eliminates the risk of fuel card fraud and gives you back the full control of your fuelling process. No unpleasant surprises.

24/7 Available: We operate in multiple sites across the UK, 24/7. Just let us know the time and location you would like us to deliver and we will schedule a delivery that works best for you.

No Delivery Charge: We do not charge for delivery. Simply schedule your fuel delivery and enjoy your savings.

Get in touch with our team to learn more and start your transition today.

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