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About us

Fuelmii is the UK’s largest and
most popular mobile fueller,
helping businesses transition
to greener fuels with ease.

Founded in August 2018, Fuelmii has a proven track record of successfully helping businesses cut down emissions, decrease operational inefficiencies and costs significantly by eliminating the unnecessary routing to and from the petrol stations.

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Petrol stations, fuel cards and bulk tanks are outdated, unsecure and expensive.

Our mission is to replace the outdated ways of fuelling with an innovative fuel delivery solution, protect businesses from fuel fraud and encourage energy transition while making it easier than ever.

“We’ve grown a reputation for service and reliability, which is great, but we want to do so much more! We are committed to make energy transition possible for businesses of any size, by removing all the infrastructure costs required for them to adopt greener fuels. Transport industry faces challenges every day, and Fuelmii is built on finding solutions to these challenges. Increased emissions, fuel card fraud, unnecessary routing to and from the petrol station, time wasted queuing up to get fuel, wasted driver wages, wear & tear- just to name a few. We make fuel management transparent, reliable, and efficient. 

It is important for transport managers to see the difference between The fuel price and The real cost of fuelling at a petrol station. The fuel price is what businesses think they are only paying for, which is only the tip of the iceberg. The hidden cost of fuelling at a petrol station is what sets businesses back from increasing their revenue per vehicle. The time and emission savings businesses achieve once they partner with Fuelmii is substantial- which is why we don’t do contracts with our clients and we don’t charge cancellation fees. Our clients choose us because they see the benefits of mobile fuelling of Fuelmii bright and clear.”

Founder & CEO, Tuguy Dervish