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Transition now with a 94% reduction in GHG emissions.

HVO is your hassle-free, eco-friendly, high-quality alternative to traditional diesel fuels.

What is HVO?

HVO, short for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, is a sustainable and renewable replacement for diesel. Produced through a refined process called hydrotreatment, it transforms vegetable oils or animal fats into a clean-burning fuel source. 

HVO stands out for its remarkable environmental benefits, cutting down CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases by an impressive 94% compared to diesel. This drastic reduction in harmful pollutants makes HVO a powerful choice for environmentally conscious businesses and individuals. 

Additionally, HVO closely resembles diesel in its properties, making it a seamless drop-in replacement that combines environmental responsibility with practicality. This means that choosing HVO is a straightforward and efficient way to progress toward net zero emissions, as it doesn’t require the significant transitions and investments needed for electrification or hydrogen adoption.

Benefits of HVO

Reduced Emissions

HVO cuts down harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and carbon dioxide (CO2) by 94% compared to traditional diesel. This makes it a powerful choice for cleaner and greener energy solutions.

No Vehicle Modifications

HVO can be used as a direct replacement for diesel, without the need for vehicle modifications or draining the tank. It is compatible with new and existing diesel engines.

High Energy Efficiency

HVO has a high energy content, providing excellent mileage and engine performance.

Clear and Colourless

HVO improves the air quality around the engine as compared to the use of conventional diesel.

Better For Your Business,
Better For Our World

Switching to HVO improves your company’s reputation and corporate social responsibility while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

How do we make your energy transition easier with HVO?

At Fuelmii, we understand the challenges companies face when transitioning to greener fuels like HVO. We offer a comprehensive solution to make this transition seamless:

Currently HVO is not available in petrol stations and can only be ordered in bulk quantities from suppliers. This means organisations need to invest in infrastructure (space, the tank, maintenance) to use HVO. We resolve this with delivering HVO directly to your vehicles.

We eliminate infrastructure costs so that you don’t have to invest in additional infrastructure to adopt greener fuels. We take care of the logistics and supply, ensuring your transition is cost-effective. By switching to HVO, you start saving emissions straight away, without any hassle.

Ready to make the switch?

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