Fuelmii Fleet

Fuelmii Fleet

No Stations, No Fuel Cards,
No Hassle

Britain's largest and
most popular mobile refueller

About Us

Fuelmii is one of Britain’s fastest growing companies and currently
the largest and most popular mobile fueller in Europe.
We provide an unparalleled mobile fuelling service
for all our commercial organisations with a fleet by saving them a huge amount of time
and money whilst simultaneously increasing their efficiency and sustainability.
No more stations, no fuel cards, and no hassle with Fuelmii.

Why use Fuelmii?


Schedule bookings, pull reports and track fuel spend in real time


We deliver fuel straight to your vehicles. Tell us your fuel requirements, and the time and place you need it.


Help reduce CO2 emissions by refuelling your entire fleet at once.


Save hours in employee wages and running costs to help increase your revenue per vehicle.


All our equipment conforms to European regulations and all our drivers have an official Government issued certification.


We assign a dedicated account manager to help and support you through your fuelling needs.

Service Flow


Get scheduled

Get in touch with one of our friendly team members to discuss fuelling requirements for your fleet.
Reach out to us though by calling 03452221045.


We deliver

Our drivers deliver directly to you, at the exact time and location you’ve scheduled. We deliver to anywhere in London, Bristol, Bolton, Wolverhampton, and Northampton. Our depots are expanding so even if you are outside these locations, please contact us.


Get moving!

Get your vehicles straight on the road and we’ll be back, ready to refuel you with your next delivery schedule


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fuelmii?
Fuelmii is one of Britain’s fastest growing companies and currently the largest and most popular mobile fueller in Europe. Backed by senior executives within the Energy sector – Fuelmii provide an unparalleled mobile fuelling service for all commercial companies with fleets saving them a huge amount of time, money whilst simultaneously increasing their efficiency and sustainability. It is a no brainer really!
Why should I use Fuelmii
We enjoy making our customers’ lives easier and that why Fuelmii was born. It was made for you, a convenient service that eliminates the time wasted for your drivers getting fuel, waiting in queues, wasting hours to fill up, the potential of fuel card fraud whilst giving you back full control, efficiency and time allowing your business to potentially pick up more business. You save money while making more money. It helps with sustainability and ensures your business has one less thing to worry about. Think of us as a 24/7 fuel fairy.
Is Fuelmii safe?
The safety of our customers and staff is at the very heart of what we do. Handling fuel is a serious responsibility and naturally requires appropriate infrastructure and responsible management. At Fuelmii, all our drivers undertake the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) training and adhere to the highest standards of safety, whether they’re on the road or in our Fuelmii depots. Our drivers also undertake our own internal training before being allowed to deliver fuel to ensure our they meet our high level of safety. We’re proud of our vehicles too – they’re bolstered with equipment of the highest quality, spill containment kits and fire extinguishers which have all been certified by the UK Vehicle Operator and safety Agency (VOSA), as well as other regulatory bodies.
What are Fuelmii’s hours of operation?
We deliver fuel 24/7.
How much does it cost?
Fuelmii has unique contracts with the UK’s largest fuel suppliers, therefore our fuel is always competitively priced, saving you a significant amount on the fuel itself. You will be priced weekly, and that price would stay the same until the following week so you know exactly what you will be paying.
Where does Fuelmii get its fuel from? Is it high quality?
With our unique partnership our fuel is sourced straight from the terminal, the fuels are double filtered so customers can be confident they are getting the cleanest fuel available and, unlike traditional fuel stations, our fuel never sits in ageing underground tanks. Fuelmii also conducts monthly fuel quality checks from external suppliers with a score on quality which can be supplied to our clients.
Which fuels are currently available?
We currently offer Diesel, Red Diesel (Gas Oil) AdBlue and other greener fuels to help your sustainability push. Get in touch today to find out more.
Is there a charge for cancelling a Fuelmii order?
No. Fuelmii work on a scheduled basis – you set this and have full control over it. For example, you may want Fuelmii to arrive on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but the following week you just want the Monday and Friday. All you have to do is let us know.
How do I know I’m getting the amount of fuel I paid for?
Fuelmii use MID and ADR certified equipment, the same system pump and meter technology you’d find at a Petrol Station, including an auto shutoff when your tank reaches its full capacity. We dispense fuel no less than 0.1% accuracy so you can be comfortable you get exactly what you ask for. We also have fuel management system which records at the same time which you will have live access too. This system recognizes your registrations and reports accordingly.
How much fuel will Fuelmii deliver?
As much as you want.
How do I pay for Fuelmii?
We want our service to suit everyone and made it as easy as possible to pay for your fuel. Set up a payment process on Gocardless, an automated payment system which is secured and used by leading business across the world. Call 0345 222 1045 and speak to any member of the Fuelmii team who can set up an account over the phone.
Is Fuelmii bad for the environment?
The complete opposite. By lowering the amount of people going back and forth to a forecourt we minimise the amount of pollution in an area helping you with your sustainability push and going greener. Instead of pollution from 20 vehicles travelling to get fuel, we lower this just down to one. You can further support this by looking at additional greener fuels which we can also supply at your request.
I love Fuelmii. How can I help spread the word?
We love hearing how our customers are happy with us. If having fuel delivered has improved your life, spread the word to your friends, family and co-workers. Please drop us a line at sales@fuelmii.com You can follow us on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.
What is the minimum contract period?
There are no contracts that bind you to a period or an amount. You are only ever charged for the fuel we deliver.


Refuelling has never been so easy!
Get in touch today and save valuable time and money
for your business!