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Britain’s largest and most popular mobile fueller

Mobile Fuel Delivery.
No Stations.
No Fuel Cards.
No Time Wasted.
No Hassle.
No Delivery Charge.

Get fuel products delivered directly to your vehicle, machinery or tank. Get reports and track fuel spend in real time in a single platform. We simply give you back the full control of your fuelling needs.

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Why use Fuelmii?


Cost saving

Save hours in employee wages and running costs to help increase your revenue per vehicle.


Keep track of all your transactions, and access reports through our user-friendly fuel management portal in real time.


We deliver fuel straight to your vehicles. Tell us your fuel requirements, and the time and place you need it.


Help reduce CO2 emissions by fuelling your entire fleet at once. Go greener by switching to our alternative fuel: HVO.


Our Impact

2.62m kg CO2

Emissions saved with HVO so far (equivalent to 65,181 trees per year)

70,000+ hrs

Saved for customers in 2022

£1m +

Fuel Card Fraud saved by Fuelmii in the last year


Average increase in productivity
with Fuelmii

30 HGVs

Can be fuelled with Diesel or HVO by a single Fuelmii vehicle

Service flow

How we work

Get Scheduled

When and how often do you need fuel delivery? Let us know your fuel requirements and we will identify a schedule that perfectly aligns with your operations to help you save time. We operate 24/7, in various sites across the UK. Contact us to see if we cover your area.

Get Fuelled

Our well-trained drivers deliver directly to you, at the exact time and location you’ve scheduled.

Our drivers will fuel your vehicles and machinery again at the next scheduled time and location.

Get real-time reports

Our online portal allows you to track all your fuel spend and get live reports in a single platform which significantly reduces the admin work.

Go Greener

With our HVO fuel, you can decrease your carbon emissions by 94% and reach your sustainability goals faster without taking the leap.

It is a drop-in replacement for diesel, so you don’t need to adjust your existing machinery, tank or vehicle.

Learn more about HVO.


Sectors we work with



Civil Engineering

Waste Management

Food Distribution

Media Production

Savings calculator

Save Time, Money & Emissions

Each trip to the petrol station reduces your revenue per vehicle. Let us crunch the numbers to demonstrate how our mobile fuelling service is a transformative solution for your fleet.


Real people. Real results.

“As a company committed to sustainability, we are thrilled with the environmental benefits Fuelmii offers. Fuelmii has not only saved us time but also led to significant cost savings. Eliminating the need for our drivers to detour to fuel stations has reduced fuel expenses and lowered maintenance costs.”

Manj Hair, Transport Manager – Glengall Ltd

“Using an innovative solution such as Fuelmii’s  mobile fuelling service is a valuable addition to our efforts in achieving our environmental goals. We’ve seen improvements across the board, including reduced admin of fuel transactions, thanks to Fuelmii’s online portals and reporting features.”

Amarat Gill, Operations Director – BJS Haulage

“We have never been happier since working with Fuelmii. As one of the largest airline catering providers at Heathrow Airport we have saved significant time and money by using their mobile refuelling service. Fuelmii delivers a first-rate service that I would highly recommend to any fleet operator.”

Richard Clague, Head of Transport – DO&CO
Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

Which fuels are currently available?

We currently offer Diesel, AdBlue and HVO  greener fuels to help your sustainability push. Please note that we do not provide red diesel. For more details, please get in touch.

How much does it cost?

Fuelmii has unique contracts with the UK’s largest fuel suppliers, therefore our fuel is always competitively priced, saving you a significant amount on the fuel itself. You will be priced weekly, and that price will stay the same until the following week so you know exactly what you will be paying.

Where does Fuelmii get its fuel from? Is it high quality?

With our unique partnership our fuel is sourced straight from the terminal. They are double filtered so customers can be confident they are getting the cleanest fuel available, and, unlike traditional fuel stations, our fuel never sits in ageing underground tanks. Fuelmii also conducts monthly fuel quality checks from external suppliers with a score on quality which can be supplied to our clients.

How do I know I’m getting the amount of fuel I paid for?

Fuelmii uses MID and ADR certified equipment, the same system pump and meter technology you’d find at a Petrol Station, including an auto shutoff when your tank reaches its full capacity. We dispense fuel no less than 0.1% accuracy so you can be comfortable you get exactly what you ask for. We also have a fuel management system which records at the same time which you will have live access to. This system recognises your registrations and reports accordingly.